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Introducing 4-Way Conferencing, Zoom Integration & Real-time Quality Monitoring

With increased demand for remote interpreting, we want to ensure that you have all the necessary tools to make the process as seamless for you, your clients and our interpreters. With this latest update, we are introducing 4-Way Conferencing, Zoom Integration and Real-time Quality Monitoring. 

4-Way Video Conferencing

  • Add two more participants in addition to a requestor and interpreter (maximum of 4 participants on a call) for any calls
  • Invite any user by email or SMS text messaging. Specialists, staff or anyone additional can be added remotely
  • No installation required and additional participants never need to log in
  • Participants can join by video, audio, or over the phone
  • Requestors and interpreters have full room control, can remove or mute users at anytime
  • Stay private: a knock to join filter allows requestors or interpreters to decide who enters the room

Zoom for Over the Phone Interpretation
Our system now supports interpreter invites directly into current Zoom sessions.

  • Configure language support and directly invite an interpreter into Zoom
  • Our routing engine will find the appropriate resource and automatically dial them into your session within seconds
  • Interpreters are immediately joined when available, no hold music
  • Invite multiple interpreters into the same session
  • Email invites can be saved to your company directory and added for any user in your organization

Realtime QOS (Quality of Service)

  • All calls now show network stability in real-time
  • 4-way video calls will show if a participant is experiencing connectivity issues
  • QOS can show slower connections and/or no connection and inform all participants

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 916-333-5247, Option 2.