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Posts by Mandy Hwang

  1. Achieving DEI Through Language Access

    Explore the transformative role of language access in fostering Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) within workplaces. This blog dives into the critical connection between linguistic diversity and true inclusivity, offering insights and practical steps for companies committed to embracing DEI values.

  2. Empowering Educators Through Language Access

    Learn how professional interpreting and document translation services empower educators, bridge language barriers, and ensure equal access for students and families. Find out why language access is not just good practice but a legal requirement.

  3. Remaining Human True in an AI World

    While AI revolutionizes the industry, our commitment to the human touch ensures high-quality translations, especially in critical sectors like health, law, and education. Trust Language World for accurate and human-true deliverables that merge AI’s advantages with human expertise.

  4. Breaking Down Language & Cultural Barriers in Mental Health Care

    Discover how language and cultural barriers hinder access to mental health care, leading to inaccurate diagnoses and inadequate treatment. Learn how mental health professionals can provide equitable access through translated materials and cultural sensitivity. Find steps for your organization to become more culturally sensitive, including offering interpreting services and providing culturally-relevant resources.

  5. Language World Voted Best Translation & Interpreting Agency

    Language World was recently voted as the best translation & interpreting agency in California by Russian Time Magazine.

  6. The Rancho Cordova Podcast: Podcast Feature

    Our President and Founder, Bill Glasser, was recently featured on the Rancho Cordova podcast, where he discussed industry insights to thought-provoking conversations.

  7. Language Compliance – Your Key to Global Success

    No matter what industry or business type, it is critical to communicate effectively with clients, partners and employees – making language compliance within an organization vital. Language compliance is a business’s responsibility to communicate in a way that is appropriate, accurate and sensitive to cultural and linguistic nuances. Language compliance is legally mandated for specific…

  8. Language Access Opens a World of New Opportunities

    Featured in Comstock’s Magazine, William Glasser discusses how increasing language access for clients and staff can expand your customer base and build trust with a diverse workforce.

  9. A person writing on paper surrounded by a laptop and open books

    3 Reasons to Use a Professional Translator

    Translating is a complex process and takes much more than a click of a button. While online translations tools are convenient, they are not vetted to standard when communicating with limited English proficient individuals.

  10. Access In-Language Support During Open Enrollment

    It’s that time of year again – Open Enrollment! As we gear up to select new health plans for 2022 coverage, there are many questions among all applicants while navigating the complex healthcare system. According to the U.S. Census, 21.6% of the population speaks a language other than English at home. For our Limited English…